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Updated: Friday 09/07/10

The Lord, family and friends

I'm thankful to the Lord for answered prayers that have led to the fruition of, Type Chi: Typing Practice. Thanks also, to my family in the UK where I am originally from, and to friends for their encouragement. It was a challenge that proved to be entertaining and enjoyable. It gave me something useful to do while I'm attempting to manage a long term illness.


A big thank you to MacSword, CrossWire Bible Society, and The World English Bible People who have made it much easier to carry out the work involved to produce, Type Chi: Typing Practice. I'm very pleased with the software made available by these kind people, thanks a million. Also, I'm happy to be able to use a Modern English Version of the Holy Bible; The World English Bible. This will be of particular use for those who aren't comfortable with the English Familiar Form, again, Thank You.

Below is the introduction to the Translation of the, WEB. It has been copied verbatim.


Book Name World English Bible
Type Biblical Texts
Language en
Version 1.4

About The World English Bible (WEB)

Public Domain

The World English Bible is a 1997 revision of the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, first published in 1901. It is in the Public Domain. Please feel free to copy and distribute it freely.

Thank you to Michael Paul Johnson for making this work available. For the latest information, to report corrections, or for other correspondence:

Michael Paul Johnson

You can check out these respective web sites below:


am/au... Which and why?

The World English Bible uses the American style of spelling English, which, for Americans, is how it ought to be.

As a significant part of the English speaking world (for the most part) follows the UK style of spelling English (such as Australia), I asked for, and was granted, permission to use Australian spelling, Thank You!

Therefore, as well as American spelling, Australian spelling has been added for those who prefer it. Which means, there is a choice of two spelling styles of English with Type Chi:

So there you go, select your preferred spelling; and ENJOY!

The difference between am/au words may be viewed HERE.



The Safari browser is Type Chi friendly, and does an excellent job of rendering soundly coded web sites such as this one. And the good news is that like,

Type Chi: Typing Practice

...this browser is free. So, in the mean time, check it out:

The reason for Safari being my browser of choice, is that the 100% width, formatted within each pair of these tags:

...are rendered accurately by Safari. Unfortunately, with some browsers, there is a difference in width of the <p> and <textarea> spaces, ever so slight, but noticeable non the less (At times).

Should this slight difference in width occur, the copy sometimes drops down (wraps) too soon, or too late. This dropping down out-of-sync, can lead to the one practising their typing to think they’ve made a mistake of some kind.

To check if the Browser you are using renders the width of both spaces the same, simply copy any verse of your choice, and paste it into the text area directly below it. Then, place the cursor on the bottom right hand corner of the Browser. Clicking down on the corner, move the right hand side of the Browser to the left, so that the window becomes narrower. When the right hand side of the narrowing Browser window reaches the right hand end of the identical sentences (the original and the copy), the end words should drop down (wrap) together.

If you wish, you can carry out the above test with this actual sentence in the text area provided below, to see if it, and its copy, are rendered equal in length with the Browser you are using.

And on the topic of Browsers, an efficient way of keeping up with where you are with your Typing Practice, is to use a tabbed Browser window. The benefit of using a tabbed window is this, if you are using Type Chi on-line, or saved to your hard-drive, the next time you want to use it, it will open where you left off in your previous session.

During the times when you need to reopen your closed Safari Browser, in the menu bar click on, History, in the drop down menu click on either of these two;

  1. Reopen Last Closed Window, or
  2. Reopen All Windows From The Last Session

...and voila! all is back to where you left it. How easy is that?



If you decide to get yourself a Metronome, check out this little beauty for the Mac by:

You'll find many more for computers in this Google search:


Typing Tutorials

These on-line typing tutorials may be helpful. The first one is pretty good, just the thing for absolute beginners; friendly too!

You'll find heaps more in this Google search:


World Wide Web Consortium

This site is XHTML 1.0 Strict, and CSS, Validated, which means it is Standards Compliant as set by the World Wide Web Consortium, you can check them out below:

And for the interested, these other Web Building Tutorials below are of great value:



Type Chi: Typing Practice, is copyrighted.

The Scripture versions that have been provided, are in the open domain, and in the Spirit of these generous people mentioned above, Type Chi: Typing Practice, is also free to download, copy, and share. It will be helpful for Christian Schools especially.

Type Chi: Typing Practice, is to be kept whole; as is.

Cheers, Mike.

While care has been taken, if you have a correction, or comment to share, please contact me at:



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