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Growing Into Knowing

A Process of Learning — Introduction

At some stage we'll all be faced with the challenge to understand what life is about; whether we want to or not. To see, or even accept life's challenges might be daunting at first. Yet eventually—at the right time—it may prove to be highly beneficial to each of us as individuals.

Imagine someone—blind from birth—asking this question, "What is sight like?" How would you answer? You might start by saying something like, "Well you see, it's like this." Whereupon they're likely to respond with, "But that's just the point, I don't see." Therefore—as you may be able to "see"—it's possible to fall into the trap of taking for granted that others obviously understand our figures of speech.

Let's accept that communication is a far more difficult challenge than we might otherwise have thought. Therefore, it's pointless using an illustration that's familiar to us, but not to others. To present to another our thoughts, and then be certain that they've been successfully received by them in all its truth and integrity without being diminished in any way, is quite a task. A task that is just about one of the greatest challenges known to man.

Therefore, for each of us to be able to meet this challenge successfully, it's essential that we actually know someone well enough and they us, for us to enjoy a successful exchange of ideas; instead of a confusing wrangle. The teaching style of Jesus is such that He had this delightfully enlightening skill of presenting to others the thought that was in His own head in such a way that those who loved righteousness, were enabled to understand the meaning of His message.

It's important to understand what another is saying, or trying to say. And to achieve this we need to be the type of people who've given themselves to the noble task of getting to the nitty gritty of a situation or topic; this is not an option. The whole principle of reaping what we have sown, is a rule of law that doesn't suffer fools gladly. Muck up, and we'll suffer the consequences. The good news is, when we abandon ourselves to the discovery of Truth, insight will be given as a reward; at the right time. Insight isn't something to be earned, it's a reward for the effort and purity of each seeker. This isn't mindless favouritism, it's a reward for all who take the trouble to put their pride—or life—on the line, for truth-seekers seem to realise that life itself isn't even worth living without the blessings of divine insight.

Just as some—who were adopted at birth—seem to be at a loose end until they've found their biological mother or father, so it is with each of us who have the intuitive urge to seek out the meaning of our lives. It's something that cannot, and should not, be ignored. This might be the case at times, but isn't an option in the long term. Those of us who reflect upon life will at times be disappointed with our lot, no matter how comfortable we may appear to others. No person of integrity will allow another to be their conscience. This is a personal matter that we follow to a satisfactory conclusion, or else we'll experience a sense of profound loss. And this sense of loss will take place even when the "loss" hasn't even been identified, but merely felt as emptiness.

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